Race Car Playmat

Our Race Car playmat is ready to roll! This adorable playmat gives a raceway for your kiddos’ cars, and when you’re finished playing you can just roll it up for storage!

About the Pattern:

  •  The race car playmat is a beginner-level pattern that is really easy to make and customize!
  • For this fabric you can use up scraps! One yard will do it for the top and back, plus black fabric for the track and scraps for the shrubs, lake, tunnel, house, and letters.

You can use fabric embellishments, embroidery or even fabric paint to give your play mat all the details it needs to turn into a magical racing land:

The pop-up tunnel is our favorite feature that gives it that extra depth and element of fun:

If you make this or any of the other patterns out of the book, be sure to pop on over to Flickr and let us see!

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