About the Book

Sewing for Boys contains garments and accessories for children who measure as follows:

  1. Hi
    This might be in entirely the wrong place – sorry

    I have just been given the book and its lovely, I cant wait to get going… but Im quite new to sewing and have only made patterns with a sew line marked on the paper. Do the patterns include the seam allowance or should I add one on? I know this is a real beginners question -sorry.

    • All the patterns already include the required seam allowances. The instructions for how much seam allowance are built right into the instructions for each piece. Hope that’s helpful!

  2. i really need this book, i have 3 boys…and no girl 🙂

    i hope one day i get this book 🙂

  3. I have sent two emails with no response to my questions regarding the brick bag assembly from the zipper point on. I would appreciate help because I have purchased fabulous fabric to make these for some special boys.

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