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CUTTING:  Any time there is a left and a right side of a pattern, please cut mirrored images.  You can achieve this easily when you cut your pieces at the same time on fabric folded with right sides together.  If you’re cutting from a single layer of fabric, it’s important to turn your pattern piece face-down when cutting the second of two sides.



Download the PDF: Sewing for Boys Errata

Download the PDF: Revised Treasure Pocket Pants TOP Pocket Panel PATTERN PIECE

Just Like Dad Robe: Before cutting, attach Front A to Front B pattern pieces, to form the full Front pattern piece.


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  1. what would be great is for the short sleeve tee shirt to have a pattern option to make it long sleeve. dont see that in the book and as a new to the sewing thing, it would be really helpful.

    • Hi Aiden,

      The option to make the sleeves long is right on pattern sheet 5. You simply cut the long sleeved piece instead of ending the sleeve where the pattern indicates “cut here for short sleeves”.

      Construction is the same, though you’ll be sewing into a longer “tunnel” to finish the seam.

      I hope that helps? Please le mw know if you have any more questions!

  2. First of all – I love the book and am so pleased to have a collection of patterns to sew for my son – it’s not so easy to find attractive patterns for boys!

    The first e Just Like Dad Flannel Robe, and it seems to me there must be some errata – sorry if I’m mistaken, but it’s described as a beginner pattern and I am definitely. a beginner to garment sewing. First, there are no insructions for attaching Front A to Front B and no diagram that shows Front B (which is small and nearly regtangular) at all. In Diagram 7 it appears as thought the front is one piece and the same length as the back. Second, I don’t see a way to make the pattern work unless I cut out one Front A as given and one Front A in reverse, both for the main pattern and the lining. But this isn’t specified anywhere, as far as I can tell. Third, the first line of the instructions reads, “align the…edges of the collar extensions on the robe front and back and stitch.” However, the collar extensions are only on the robe front (Front A) and not on the back, as Diagram 1 illustrates. Thanks for any help you can send my way! I don’t want to cut my specially-ordered designer flannel without figuring this out.

  3. Hi Tamar! I posted a bit of information above.

    The Collar extensions on the Front robe actually form the Back of the collar. I will try to find a more eloquent way to handle those instruction. Thank you so much for your feedback!

  4. hi,
    i was wondering if on the pattern for 2 in 1 jacket, the pocket position shown is for the biggest size, and we need to adjust for the smaller sizes. are we meant to line up our piece to the side seam for 6/7 before marking pocket ?
    i notice another lady somewhere on the web said she found the pocket too far back so i compared to a shop bought jacket, as i’m making 2/3 size.

  5. i notice you added the bit about making mirror image of pattern pieces- it just goes to show you have real novices inspired by your creations to have a go at sewing- well done.
    also, i have made three jackets so far and pocket is definitely marked for largest size only, though easy to correct. of course murphy’s law, its not correctable like other pockets would be! There’s a nother sew along on the web and you can see when she shows the pattern its wrong from the start .

  6. I just got your book with great excitement to specifically make the raglan tee in size 12-18 months as listed on page 44. I scoured my patterns and didn’t see this size- I’ve only found size 2/3 and up. Is my copy missing something?


    • No, Kathy, unfortunately, your copy has the same typo as everyone else’s. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve sent you an email to address the issue.

  7. Making the Mimi’s Boy, Suspender Shorts but am actually making them pants for Easter because you never know what the weather will be like in the midwest, but anyway are the buttons sewn on the straps and the buttonhole sewn on the front of the pants. There is no instructions about making a buttonhole on the front of the pants but looking at the pictures it looks like that is where the buttonhole is then the actual buttons are on the straps. I’m not quite sure what to do because the instructions say to sew the buttons for the elastic waistband 1/2 an inch from the vertical opening which makes sense but then it says to sandwich the waistband between 2 buttons sewing them on together. Looking at the picture it looks like the buttons on the front are way more than 1/2 an inch from the vertical opening. Is it just me or have others had issues with these instructions, I would greatly appreciated any feedback since I’m trying to get them finished before the end of the week! Thanks.

    • Hi Tia, I’ve forwarded your question over to Shelly, and I know she’ll get back to you soon. Sorry it took so long for me to notice this one.

  8. hi, For the luka hoodie, step 5 which is the pocket flap construction, it says” with WRONG sides together, sewbthe curved edges.”. I believe this should be, “RIGHT sides together”. Please let me know. Thanks!


  9. Hi there! I’m working on the beginner raglan tee pattern. I’m confused, and I’m not a beginner! 🙂 I did step 9 with the wrong sides together. Then did step 10. Then it says to turn in inside out. So to me that would mean the right sides are on the inside of the shirt since I sewed the wrong sides together in 9. Then the note below that says you will be sewing on the Right side of the fabric. But if it’s inside out, won’t you be sewing on the wrong side? Then step 12 drawing… It shows the right side on the outside and the wrong sides together, right? I did it both ways and can’t really tell a difference, but it’s driving me crazy that I seem to be missing something…. Also, any tips on sewing through the long sleeve??? I also don’t really understnad the tunnel reference. I looked at a lot of blogs that have made this and they don’t seem confused by any of this like I am….

    • Louise, you turn the shirt inside out, but you sew on the right side of the shirt. It doesn’t look like a “tunnel” until you sew up into the arms.

  10. beginning sewer here, so forgive me…
    on the kickin’ back sweats-using cotton i’m on step 9. fold 1/4″, then another 1/4″ pin. then create casing by edgestitching—should that second 1/4″ be 1 1/4″? i’m confused if i edgestitch after the second 1/4″ turn, then fold down another 1+” for my 1″ elastic. or am i reading it all wrong and making it more complicated?
    thank you!

  11. Hi Karen,
    I am so sorry for this extremely dumb question but I have never had this problem anywhere. I am having an extremely hard time lining the inseams in Bobby’s bathers. It seems like the way the pattern is designed for the front and the back, the inseam parts just do not seem to line up at all….

  12. Looking everywhere in your book for the race car playmat pattern pieces. They aren’t there. You say to reference p 16, but there aren’t pattern pieces there. Help— I’ve already bought all the materials!

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